Two years later…

It’s October 14, 2013.  It’s been two years since we visited Plymouth, England and today we visited Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts.  The Mayflower took 66 days to get here…it took us a little longer.

Plimouthplant1Plimouthplant2The living museum tour starts with the Wampanoag homesite where local native people demonstrate how their ancestors lived.  In the photo below they are hollowing out the center of a log by burning it.  The finished product will be a boat.


The next two photos are of a Wampanoag home.  It’s amazing how large they are inside.  All of the guides, were extremely knowledgeable.

Wampanoag.2.Wampanoag.3Next we entered the Plimoth Plantation. The year there is 1627, 7 years after landing, and the village is pretty well established.  You can see the ocean in the distance. It’s an amazing view when you first enter. 


The re-enactors were dressed as, and spoke as, 17th century people.  They were asked all kinds of questions by the visitors and they gave very convincing answers.  After listening to a few of them I began to wonder if I had really traveled back in time.  This one is William Brewster.


Here is a 21st century engineer inspecting a 17th century roof.

Plimouthplant4We tried to visit Brian’s 10x great grandparents, John and Priscilla Alden, but they weren’t home.  So here he is standing outside their house. PlimouthplantAlden

Since “the family” wasn’t there, we moved on to the Mayflower II.  It’s incredible to think that 102 passengers plus crew, traveled on that ship.  It’s tiny.  I told Brian, it’s amazing he’s here.

MayflowerLizMayflowerdeckBrianMayflowerseconddeck2And then there was the Plymouth Rock.  It was rather disappointing but probably not where the Pilgrims first landed anyway.  Still – it’s the Plymouth Rock.  Even after being moved several times, broken in two, cemented back together and having the date 1620 etched on it, it survives.

PlymouthrockAnd last but not least, we found John Alden! He was tending his gift shop in downtown Plymouth.



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