Day 5 and 6 Stafford

We are spending our second night at the Offley Grove Farm.  We arrived so late last night we didn’t have a chance to look around.  When we woke up this morning we were able to see how beautiful it is here.

We had a difficult time finding it on a dark and stormy night, but we were rescued by some locals who gave Brian great directions.  Tonight we went back to the same pub for dinner.  Some of the same people were there from the night before.  This the group of guys (and girl) who saved us from getting totally lost in the countryside.

The locals at The Swan Inn, Staffordshire, England

Swan Inn bar. If you are ever in Staffordshire, you must go in!

Offley Grove Farm is off the beaten path, so to speak.  During the day it is easy to miss but at night it is almost impossible to find.  This is part of the road leading into the farm and you can imagine why we had trouble seeing where we were going in the dark.

Road leading into Offley Grove Farm. Now imagine this for several miles, in the dark, in the rain. This is a two lane road (in theory).

This morning after a wonderful English breakfast we went for a walk around the farm.  We even visited with some of the farm animals.  This first view is of the farm from the road.

The entrance to the reception area is in the shadows on the right. Our room is on the second floor in the middle.

This resident was very curious about me but she kept pushing others cows out of the way if they tried to come up to the fence.

The sheep were curious, too, until we got too close.

The main reason we were in Staffordshire is because my great great grandfather was born there.  But unfortunately, I’m no closer to proving that then I was before I came.  At least I can say, I’ve seen the town where he was born and the surrounding countryside.

Stafford street.

William Salt Library in Stafford. We found a few things while we were there but just as we were walking out Brian found something that made me doubt if I had found my guy. Darn! It was a cool library, though.



One Response to Day 5 and 6 Stafford

  1. Karen Walker says:

    Great stories. You will never forget that drive. I am sure that I have seen those farm builidngs on some of the BBC shows I watch. It looks really familiar to me. Keep having fun.

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