Day 4 part 2 Plymouth

Brian standing on the staircase at our hotel, The Duke of Cornwall in Plymouth.

We arrived in Plymouth too late to see the Mayflower Steps tonight but we’re going first thing in the morning. Plymouth surprised us.

View from our window

We should have known, but as a port city, it was bustling with activity.  The pace was calmer than London, though.

Street in Plymouth

We missed the America’s Cup race by one day!  There were still lots of tall sailboats in the harbor but no racing.

America's Cup. September 10th-18th. We arrived on the 19th!

Down by the bay.

Ships in the bay.

It’s a beautiful place with hills like San Francisco.  It has winding roads, cobble stone streets, and colorful houses built right next to each other.  We walked about a mile from our hotel to the coast.  Along the bay, there were old book shops, antique stores and tourist shops.

Shops and restaurants along the bay.

There is even a Blues Bar and Grill in Plymouth. Took this one for Eric. It was the middle of the day and no one was playing until that night, so we didn't go in.

Then…our main reason for being in Plymouth…Brian got to stand on the Mayflower steps where his ancestor, John Alden sailed from.

Arch at the Plymouth Steps

Mayflower marker.

Not sure where the “actual” steps were, probably were none in 1620, or if there were they are eroded away, but this is where the marker is.  There were some steps next to the memorial so I took a photo of those.

Steps next to the Memorial.

After walking around the bay, we saw a group of soldiers hiking up this incredibly steep hill wearing heavy back packs.  I’m sure they were “thrilled to have their picture taken.”  We followed them up the hill to an old fort that is apparently, still a fort today.

Those backpacks looked heavy. These guys were working hard.

This is the hill they climbed. We did, too. Walls of the fort on the left.

By then we were hungry.  Lunch time!  We ate in this “lovely” little place called Tudor Rose Tea Room.

Tudor Rose Tea Room.

Inside the Tea Room.

Tea. We've been drinking it every day. Tea during the day, pints at night.

Lunch. Quiche and salad.

More eating in England tips:

1.  If you want cream in your tea or coffee, don’t ask for cream, ask for milk.  Otherwise, you’ll get clotted cream which is a lot like cottage cheese.  It isn’t pretty…

2.  If you want wheat toast, ask for BROWN toast.

3.  Salt and Pepper shakers are reversed.  The salt has only one hole, the pepper has 5!  And the pepper is white pepper.  We thought it was just an anomaly at the first restaurant, but no, it’s been that way in all of them.

After lunch the clouds were moving in and we had about 2oo miles to drive.  It didn’t start raining until we got in the car to go to our first bridge of the day.  Then it rained ALL day and into the night.  The first bridge Brian wanted to see was closed for construction.  The second was having repairs done, too, but we were able to drive across, stop, and walk back across (in the rain).  For bridge photos check Brian’s Facebook page or his Brian’s Bridges blog page.

Our adventure continued when we arrived in Staffordshire.  We are staying a farm outside of the town of Stafford and trying to find it in the dark was almost impossible.  Our Tom Tom Navigator lady stopped making any sense and we were driving down narrow roadways with hedgerows on either side, in the dark. No street lights, no road signs, just hedgerows and blackness.  We finally found The Swan Inn, where some locals with thick British accents and iPads were able to give us good directions.  Brian needs to tell this part of the story.

More on Stafford to follow on the next page.


One Response to Day 4 part 2 Plymouth

  1. Kathy says:

    Love the tea room. I am glad that you all are enjoying the good tea they have there. Sorry to hear about the rain. Goes with the territory.


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