Day 14 and 15 Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a noisy, busy place.  After being in so many little towns and quiet places it’s a big change.  I’m writing this on the morning of September 30th and at 7:00 a.m. there is already lots of activity.

We left the windows open last night because it was warm and even from the 5th floor we could hear people singing and shouting, and cars screeching and honking.

The buildings are all centuries old and blackened.  Overall, it’s a bit edger than London.

Our hotel is right in the center of town.

Hotel Carlton, Edinburgh, Scotland.

I had planned on going to the Scottish Records Office to do some research but found out most of their indexes are online and I can order from home.  So I just took a picture.  😉

The Scottish Records Office in Edinburgh, Scotland.

There are some beautiful old buildings, many being renovated (including our hotel, again).  Brian got a little extra walk in because parking is three blocks away!

Scott Tower is visible all over town. In daylight it is very blackened but still beautiful. Took this as the sun was setting.

Top of the Scott Tower in daylight. Notice how black it is. Many of the buildings in Edinburgh looked like they were covered in soot.

We walked along Princes St, The Royal Mile and across Bridge St.

A bridge on Bridge St.

A woman we met in Llangollen suggested we go to Jenners to shop rather than going to the tourist shops.  We found it kind of pricey.  But it’s huge, reminded me of Harrod’s in London.

From the upper floor of Jenner's in Edinburgh.

Not sure what our agenda is for today but it’s our last day here so we may try to squeeze a lot in.  May not get a change to upload anything until our layover in Minneapolis tomorrow.

We’re getting a little worn out and ready to have some clean clothes but it’s sad to have it ending.  It’s been an adventure.

Oct. 2, 2011  We’re back home now, (there is a post of our final travel day on the page after this one) but I wanted to add a few more Edinburgh photos.

One thing we noticed about Edinburgh is that there is bagpipe music everywhere.  I’m sure it’s for the tourists but they broadcast it from the buses, street loud speakers, and there are independent pipers on almost every corner.  There are also a lot of men wearing kilts.  The funniest thing, though, is the east Indian shop owners wearing turbins and kilts.  It’s a very culturally diverse city.

Piper in Edinburgh.

The building, we thought was a church was a monument to Sir Walter Scott.  I added an additional photo above.  It’s called the Scott tower and you can climb to near the top.  It’s 287 steps and we did it!

Brian about midway up the The Scott Monument.

The steps are very narrow and the passage is at some points quite dark.  The climb is not for the faint of heart or the weak of knee.  But it is well worth it when you get up there.  There is a room in the middle section with the memorial to Sir Scott.  The stained glass and the wooden carved walls were very dramatic.

Inside the middle of the Scott tower.

Stained glass in the Scott Monument.

You couldn’t really appreciate the beauty of the plaza at the base of the monument from the ground because there was so much construction (to the right of this photo).  But from above it was really pretty.

Plaza at the base of the Scott monument.

From the very top, you could see the North Sea beyond the edge of the city.  Breathtaking…

View of Edinburgh and the North Sea from the Scott Monument.

We had planned on touring the Edinburgh castle but while we were eating lunch we got a phone call from the car rental company saying that we were supposed to have returned the car the day before.  Bummer!  Not sure how that got messed up, partly my fault, partly the travel agent for not making that clear.  So we took up about half our day driving to the airport to drop off the car.  This was AFTER we had driven there once already on a “dry run” to figure out the best way to get there.

So since we ran out of time, we just walked to the castle that evening and took a couple photos from outside.  At least we can say, we’ve been to Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh castle at night.

Below is a photo of the last place we ate in Scotland.  We probably had the best meal of our trip there.  We tried to find local food everywhere.  Here we had a vegetarian dish that was kind of like a pot pie with vegetables in it.  Can’t remember the name but if you check Brian’s Facebook, he may add a photo and description.   Hated to see the trip end but then again, there’s no place like home.

The Mitre Pub in Edinburgh.



3 Responses to Day 14 and 15 Edinburgh

  1. The only bad part to a great vacation like your is the end…Thank you for sharing your trip and I hope today is a great one for you

  2. Julie Walker Titze says:

    Wish you were going to be there for a few more weeks! I have really enjoyed reading about your travels Liz. I have looked forward to the pictures and posts everyday! Thanks for sharing!! Hope your last day is wonderful, and the trip home smooth flying!

  3. Marcia says:

    What a fantastic trip. I am so happy for you! And for Brian to drive — that is something we didn’t attempt to do. Hope your trip is/was safe coming home and looking forward to hearing from you again after you get settled in.

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